True Wellness

When I speak of true wellness, I am referring to the mind, body, spirit connection. These three elements work in tandem with one another. When one is off, it affects the other two. My clients have all struggled in one or more of these areas. Through my own struggles, I have developed simple systems to create more time to enjoy the precious things in life that mean so much and create more income as a result.

I have been blessed to work with brilliant coaches and mentors since childhood who have guided me to be the greatest version of myself and given me permission to not feel guilty about making myself a priority. Both in my personal life and in business, I have made great strides in up leveling my life by allowing myself to make my wellness a priority.

It has not been easy! It has not been perfect! In fact, in truth, it has been messy!! I have not always had the support from family and friends that I was hoping for and desired. That, my friends, is why my coaches are such an important part of my life and always will be!

Feeling overwhelmed, overextended, overworked, and just over it? That was me!!!!! Single mom, raising 2 kids with no family to assist, working, putting myself through college, and keeping up with my children’s education and activities. PHEW! Developing systems to survive where critical! After years of fine tuning through different phases of life, I learned that simple is best, less is more, and simple solutions and simple systems are everything!

I am passionate about helping other alpha women – you know who you are – apply simple solutions to up level their lives both personally and professionally. You notice that I always put personal life first – because when we address our personal needs first, the business up level always follows!