About Me

Paula Fallon is an entrepreneur, life coach, and wellness expert who works with successful alpha women through one-on-one coaching, VIP events, retreats, and group programs. Her simple solutions help her clients overcome feelings of being overextended, overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain over it!  

Paula put herself through college while being a single mom of 2, with no family in the area to assist her with her children, while keeping her kids on track academically and supporting their active sports lifestyles. Paula relocated to St. Augustine in August of 2013 and became a realtor in January of 2014. She didn’t know anyone or know the area but was making six figures within the first 2 years.  

Shortly after this, some health issues arose for Paula. She was not happy with the solutions the doctors were offering so she dove into research, one of her favorite things to do, and found solutions to get her health back on track that did not include taking drugs. Paula has always been an advocate for healthy, holistic living. When raising her children, she paid special attention to the way foods affect behavior because one of her kids was diagnosed with ADD and the other with ADHD. Doctors wanted to medicate her children, and that was just not an option in her mind. 

Paula has used the information she has learned over the last 28 years to help others up level their lives both personally and professionally.  Paula believes that being of service to others is what she is called to do and that serving others in a way that improves their lives is the greatest gift imaginable. The joy and excitement that she feels as her clients succeed in all areas of their lives is what she lives for every day. 

In her down time, Paula’s favorite thing to do is hang out at the beach. She loves all things water related – swimming, boating, kayaking, or just walking or biking along the ocean’s edge. Her and her husband Kevin love to stroll through their hometown of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country, and take in the sights, sounds, shopping, and food. They love to travel to see their 4 grown children and spend time with other family members and friends as often as possible. 

Paula is a bundle of energy who loves to love on others so be forewarned – she will not hesitate to share her “toothy” smile and grab you for a big old hug!